Aadland Pipe Organ Co.


   Aadland Pipe Organ Co.


  306 Jackson Street

    Valley Springs, SD



    Office Phone #: (605) 757-6502

    Shop Phone #: (605) 757-6156






Aadland Pipe Organ Company was founded in 1971 and established in Valley Springs, in 1972 by Art and Ellen Aadland. Now in their 35th year in Valley Springs, Art and Ellen have completed the following business achievements:


          *          The Aadland pipe organ is a product of more than 32 years of stability research, development and field proving by Art and Ellen Aadland. Due to redundant stability and advanced integrity designs in Aadland instruments, Churches that own Aadland pipe organs are saving 40 to 70%  in maintenance costs, while enjoying advanced tuning precision throughout all seasons of the year.


          *          The Aadland Pipe Organ Company has a 34 year legacy of providing and maintaining the longest and most inclusive warrantees in the industry on all of their new instruments.


          *          The Aadland Pipe Organ Company has the rare distinction of actually guaranteeing tuning reliability for an entire year on instruments up to 15 ranks (within required temperature guidelines), regardless of seasonal climate conditions.


          *          The Aadland Computerized “Orchestral” pipe organ, developed by Art Aadland and associates offers extended tonal resources also with advanced stability engineered hardwood construction.  This instrument features traditionally appointed foundation and pure tuned mutation ranks of pipes accessed by an “infinitely programmable” computerized switching system.


          *          Virtually all Aadland pipe organs, built within the last 20 years have received recognition for their consistent performance levels and superior quality construction, using 100% stability engineered hardwood and advance durability detailing all the way to the core of each instrument.