Common Questions


 Valley Springs, SD Payment Portal FAQ's


What is this new payment portal - Citizen Portal?

Citizen Portal is an online payment portal that we have partnered with Paya, a Nuvei company, for our utility bill payments. You access your account from this website: Valley Springs, SD Citizen Portal


Where can I learn more about Paya?

Simply visit to learn more about our new vendor!


Do I have to create a new account in Citizen Portal to make a payment?

No, you can use the Guest Pay option to make a payment without logging in: One-Time Payment


How can I see my full billing and payment history?

To see all your billing and payment history, you will need to Register, and then Login to your account. 

You can Register here: Register Page

You can Login here: Login Page


Are there fees associated with making a payment through the Portal?

Yes, there are processing fees that will be assessed. Those fees are: 2.75% of payment amount for credit/debit card transactions and a flat fee of $1.10 per transactionfor bank account (ACH) transactions. These fees also apply to any auto-payments that are made.


What payment methods can I use?

You can pay your utility bills with a credit/debit card, or through a checking or savings account. We also offer an Auto-Pay or a Text and Pay option that allows you to use your preferred method of payment.


What information is available in the Portal?

Account balance, bills and payments history, are available as well as the ability to enroll in Auto-Pay or Text and Pay.  Portal users can also see their current billing address on file, as well as update their phone number and email address on file.


Do I need to pay my bills from my computer?

No - You can pay your bill from anywhere in the world! All you need is a device with access to the internet.  From the Citizen Portal Home Page, you can utilize the Guest Pay option, or login to the Portal – where you can also save your payment method for future use!


How do I know the payment went through?

After you complete the transaction, you will receive a Payment Confirmation on the next screen as well as a receipt emailed or texted, your preference.


What payment options do I have?

We work to ensure you have a variety of payment options available at home or on the go. You can pay online with any browser from a laptop, PC or Phone, take advantage of our Auto-Pay and Text and Pay options, or contact our Live Call Center where an agent will assist you over the phone. Live agent support is available 8am-5pm Central, Monday through Friday.


Is my information safe?

Absolutely. All the transactions are handled on secure servers and are fully PCI compliant (Standards set for ensuring secure transactions). What is PCI Compliance?  Click here to read more.

 When is city hall open?

Monday- Thursday 8 am to 5 pm

Friday 8 am to noon


  Where do I pay my water/wasterwater bill?

We are so excited to officially introduce the NEW Online Payments Portal for our citizens. Click here to view the new portal and make a payment.

You can pay your water/wastewater bill at the Finance Office at City Hall.  Bills are sent out quarterly and are due the 20th of the month following the bill.  A dropbox is located outside the City Hall, 401 Broadway Ave. for your convenience. Please do not put cash in dropbox.


Please remember to give us your P.O. Box # and include our P.O. Box #118 when mailing your payments. 

  How do I sign up for utility bills to be emailed?

The Big Day Is Here!

We are so excited to officially introduce the NEW Online Payments Portal for our citizens. This new portal is user-friendly and provides robust capabilities to manage your account(s), while improving the overall experience to pay your utility bill. Click here to view the new portal and make a payment. Leave a comment below or call us directly to connect.  

 How do I find my polling place or register to vote?

If you are unsure if you are a registered voter or of your precinct location, check with the Minnehaha County Auditor's Office at 605-367-4220.  For your convenience you can register at the Valley Springs Finance Office or at the County Auditor's Office.

 Where do I apply for a dog or cat license?

Dog and cat licenses are handled by the city finance office.  A new license is required yearly, as well as proof of  rabies vaccination.  You can purchase a license and have your pet vaccinated at the Pet Clinic the city sponsors each spring.  Check the website or local paper for date and time.

 When do you declare a snow emergency?

In the event of two or more inches of snow, no parking is allowed on a public street to allow for snow removal.  Illegally parked vehices may be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.

 Where can we hold our event?

The Charles R. Dorman American Legion Post 131 was organized right after the end of World War I.  The current building was completed in 1973 and is used by the public as well as the Legion for many different activities.  The Post sponsors many programs for the youth, schools, community and veterans.  Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 7:30 pm.

For more information or if you are interested in renting the American Legion for events, please call Rick Larsen at 605-553-5990



 When do I need a building permit?

You do need a building permit to reshingle and for new construction, as well decks, fences, driveways, finished basements, garages, sheds and most remodeling projects.


For questions concerning building permits, call the Zoning Administrator at 605-757-6553 or 605-212-9368 or City Hall at 605-757-6555. 



WHERAS, the City of Valley Springs Council has determined a need to establish new fees charged for residential and commercial permits to account for costs associated with administration of such permit applications;


WHEREAS, the City of Valley Springs has the authority to establish fees for residential and commercial permits;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the City of Valley Springs the schedule of nonrefundable fees is hereby adopted, with payment to the Finance Office of the appropriate fee required prior to approval of any permit.


The “base valuation” to determine building permit fees is based on a dollar per square foot schedule as follows: 


BUILDING PERMIT FEES:                           Value Per Square Ft


Dwelling & Addition                                          $ 52.00

Finished basements                                        $  17.00

Foundation Only                                               $ 13.00

Slab on Grade                                                  $   7.00

Attached Garage                                              $ 16.00

Detached Garage                                             $ 13.00

Car Ports                                                          $ 11.00


4-PLEX + Multi-family dwellings                       $ 45.00


Commercial/Industrial Buildings:

            Office Areas                                          $ 60.00

            Cold Storage Areas                              $ 20.00


Pole Barn/Cold Storage:                                

            Finished w/concrete floor                     $ 10.00

            Unfinished dirt floor                              $   5.00


Metal Building                                        $ 20.00


Concrete Driveways or Patios              $   2.25                           


Covered Deck/Porch                            $ 16.00


            Cedar/treated                            $ 12.00

            Vinyl                                          $ 25.00

            Composite                                 $ 15.00

Three/Four Season Porch                     $ 20.00

Patio (Open/lattice roof)                         $  6.00           


Remodeling (Including entryways, enclosed porches)      $ 20.00


Pool:                                            (Per Inspection)         $ 25.00

  NOTE:  When issuing a pool permit - Make sure necessary

  fencing is discussed and a permit for the fence is issued.



The “base valuation” shall be multiplied by the number of square feet involved in

the construction project to arrive at a “fee valuation.”  The cost of the permit shall be determined by reference to the “fee valuation” pursuant to the following schedule:


     Fee Valuation                                           Building Permit Fee


$         0 - $  1,000                               $ 12.50


$  1,001 - $  5,000                               $ 12.50 + $3.75 for each $1,000

or part thereof over the 1st $1,000


$  5,001 - $10,000                               $ 27.50 + $3.50 for each $1,000

                                                            or part thereof over the 1st $5,000


$10,001 - $20,000                               $ 45.00 + $3.25 for each $1,000

                                                            or part thereof over the 1st $10,000


$20,001 - $30,000                               $ 77.50 + $3.00 for each $1,000

                                                            or part thereof over the 1st $20,000


$30,001 - $40,000                               $107.50 + $2.75 for each $1,000

                                                            or part thereof over the 1st $30,000


$40,001 - $50,000                               $135.00 + $2.50 for each $1,000

                                                            or part thereof over the 1st $40,000


$50,001 and OVER                             $160.00 + $2.25 for each $1,000

                                                            or part thereof over the 1st $50,000    



FLAT RATE PERMIT FEES:                         $ 20.00

(to include but not limited to):


Sheds(150 sq ft max)                                                  




Window Replacement

Egress Windows



Drain Tile



Moving, Razing                                                $  25.00

Conditional Use                                                $  25.00

Variance                                                           $  50.00

Rezoning                                                          $  75.00


Adopted this 8th day of January, 2008



                      Mayor                                                         ATTEST:  Finance Officer





 Where do I find the City Ordinances?

The 2007 Revised Municipal Ordinances are on this website for you to view and print.  The official copy is available at City Hall, 401 Broadway Ave.

 Who do I contact for Booster Days?

The Valley Springs Community Club is in charge of Boosters Days.  Please contact Cindy Moss at 605-757-6805.

Booster Days is always held the second weekend in July.  The event starts Friday night with a supper at Legion Park (ballpark) followed by fireworks at dusk.  Kids games, Mud Volleyball and a Firemen's Water Fight are held Saturday, followed by a parade Saturday evening.  A Community Church Service is held Sunday morning at Legion Park.

Come and join us for a fun weekend!

 Who takes care of the cemetery?

For information on the Valley Springs Cemetery Association contact Carl Moss at 605-757-6805.